“Estate Agents of epic proportions”

Want to find out more about what we have done or recent campaigns? Scroll through and have a read up on some of our successful campaigns.


The Walthamstow and Leyton branches of Adam Kennedy, are among the top performing branches within their group for residential sales. Vaseem first made his mark locally with their 'Men with Boards' campaign, inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster, 'Men in Black'. This has become the hallmark of their unique style and has subsequently seen them win the 'NatWest' sponsored award for innovation and the enterprise councils Investor in People accreditation.


Adam Kennedy are a successful Estate Agents which the company truly believes that, in today's market, both courtesy and professionalism are paramount to its success.


To make your business a success its imperative that your branding and identity are strong.

All of our campaigns were thought through to grab your attention and make you remember our company.

Men With Boards

Men with Boards was a brainwave I had while out for a brainstorming night out which I did every week.
Men in Black was a top 10 film and I thought how ridiculous it would like if we were standing in the same poses with Sold Signs instead of Guns.

With all of our campaigns, they were always different and eye-catching. When the 100,000 leaflets went out and a full page advert was in the local paper, the phone did not stop ringing. We also took out a 48 sheet billboard in the centre of town.

This marketing campaign increased calls by over 350%.


We were always looking for big films that we could fit into our business, and Gladiators was another smash hit film and marketing campaign for Vaseem.

With a bit of Photoshop wizardry, we were in the centre of Coliseum with thousands of people. Each one of the figures you see in the arena was painstakingly painted in. The clothes we are wearing are the original used on set with Russell Crowe! This was another Smash hit for us with the phones ringing non-stop.

24 Hour Revolution

In 1997 we had only been trading for a couple of years and it was time to gear things up. And what a way to catch the media by staying open 24 Hours. In those days there was no internet so you had to be physically there.When we went to press we set off a storm with appearances on TV, radio and newspaper articles picking up the story. We were only open for 10 days but it did the trick. We even had a call at 4am from a vendor wanting to sell his house who was calling from Hawaii. Another great campaign getting us loads of instructions and publicity.

I'm an Estate Agent

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! is a programme beloved by the nation, and it was while watching and thinking of ideas I came up with the idea to create a marketing campaign, I'm an Estate Agent, Give me Your Property!  With all the marketing already done by the TV stations, it was a funny take on the programme.  The artwork was easy to do, and the leaflets were out in no time.  This was a new business I opened up so a great boost to getting the company name out and ultimately, getting the instructions coming in.

My First..

The young girl in the picture catches your attention straight away and then you start to read the ad. What important when marketing is to get the attention or you lose the opportunity.  A simple but effective advert which takes the customer on a journey, which many first time buyers are in the process of, accumulating in their first property purchase.

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